Additional Information

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) makes its way into the Texas Panhandle, it may be necessary for families with a child that has been diagnosed with cancer, to quarantine themselves for the immediate future.  Because most of these children will have EXTREMELY compromised immune systems, this is more of a reality to us than it is to most families.  

Because of this additional burden, the MTK Foundation and the Panhandle Angels Foundation, along with the support of Snack Pak for Kids, we have secured some food and supply rations that can be mobilized and delivered to  these families if the need arises.  This would include a long term supply in the event this pandemic lasts longer than we think.  

If you have a child with cancer, and they are in active treatment, or your doctor states their concern for exposure, please stay inside, and make use of these services if needed.

You may contact either organization at the numbers below:

MTK Foundation: 806-676-5201

Panhandle Angels Foundation: 806-282-3452.